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It’s a pretty amazing ride, the second you find out you are going to have a baby. So many mixed emotions: fear, panic, excitement, happiness, …

Join me on an emotional roller coaster of mixed emotion as I bring you through the wild ride with my Pregnancy and Delivery Series.


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Early Signs Of Pregnancy

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Ovulation Tracking With Basal Temperature

img_9277If you are planning your pregnancy, you might want to get a health check up before you dive into pregnancy. In my post, Preconception Doctor Visit; What You Need To Know, I break down what to expect at the doctors and why it’s important. Your preconception visit should be the first step you take in your baby making and pregnancy journey. Your health, and your baby’s, are your number one priority. Getting a glimpse of your health and wellness before you start can direct you in the right direction.



19702067_10155443869369666_1244130389775593097_nYou are ready for the next journey in your life, you are ready to get pregnant. Did you know there is more to prepare for this road then just hopping into bed with your partner or fertilizing your egg,  and crossing your fingers. There’s getting your health in check, creating a healthy lifestyle, and deep diving into the workings of your body. There’s understanding your ovulation cycle and sitting down with your doctor. In my post, Preparing For Pregnancy, I’ve got everything you need to know before jumping in.


img_7090‘Let’s have a baby,’ you exclaim to your partner. You make the plunge to become parents, and you imagine a beautiful journey in lotus flowers and baby shoes. It’s time to take a moment and breathe, future mama. In my post, So, You Want To Be A Mother, I get deep about what the next couple of years may look for you. Before diving in head first, you need to take a long breath in, then read this post. Before you ride the crazy train, I need you to know, this journey could break your heart, once, twice, maybe three times.


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Pregnancy, alone, can be one, long, difficult ride. Beside the obvious of building an entire human being, there is bloating, aches and pains, morning sickness, constipation. swelling, and so much more. Imagine, now, all of that while dealing with a pregnancy complication. In my post, Me, Baby, and HG I discuss what Hyperemesis Gravidarum is and some of the complications I faced. HG is sometimes described as extreme morning sickness, but it is much more than that. It can be life or death for you and your unborn baby.







image-1Society has us believing that we need to reconstruct our bodies immediately after our child is born and we should look like we did before we carried and birthed a human being. In Our Bodies After Baby I discuss the difficulties of postpartum recovery and the strain it has on our bodies.

Pregnancy takes it’s toll on our bodies, and we need time to heal. Time that fits our individual bodies. Our postpartum recovery is not a one size fits all journey.



Postpartum care is a new topic. Technically, we see our doctor at 6 weeks and then all focus is on the baby. Every month, then every few months. We are ignoring the challenges that women face after delivery. Whether its Postpartum Depression, struggling with breastfeeding, or fitting into our new roles as mothers, our needs go unmet for the most part. In my guest post, What in the World is a Marabou, Carrie talks about the importance of Postpartum care and the services her business offers.


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I did not read birth stories when I was pregnant. I was determined to have a glorious experience, but glorious was far from the reality that struck on the day that I gave birth. As a matter of fact, everything I could have imagined that could go wrong, pretty much did. I struggled with my labor experience and it wasn’t until I shared my own story did I really recover from it. In God Doesn’t Give Us What We Want, He Gives Us What We Need; A Birth Story, I describe the realities of delivery and how it made me so much stronger in the end.




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Our postpartum recovery is a journey, a different path for each of us. Some of us embrace the new parts of ourselves, some of us struggle to find peace with the body that built our babies. Whether you love yourself the way that you are, or strive to improve, embracing our journey to get there is the most important. In A Year of Postpartum in Review I breakdown my struggles as well as overcome obstacles. For me, it was a long and difficult process, but I learned to cherish every step I took.





For such a routine act that has happened since the beginning of mammals, breastfeeding is fricken hard! You would think, after years and years of evolution, we would have figured out how to get it right by now. In I Failed at Breastfeeding I discus the difficulties of nursing and the struggles I faced as a newbie. I got it so wrong. I fought day and night, hour by hour to be that mom who breastfed her child. In the end, it just didn’t workout.


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Mama’s are strong, there’s no doubt about that. Whether we had a vaginal birth or a c-section, delivering a human is probably the craziest thing any person could possibly do. Some of us take on the experience like warriors. Some of us crumble and wither and are stricken with panic and fear at the mention of a cesarean delivery. I was the latter. In Surviving a C-Section I discuss getting through the surgery and tips for pregnant mama’s who share the same fears.






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