Monday Connection

Monday Connection (8/26)

"There's a benefit to losing... You get to learn from your mistakes." ~Megamind

Hello Readers,

Welcome to another round of Monday Connection. I am so glad you could join me. I know you have a lot on your plate, mama. So, the fact that you have taken the time to catch up with me is truly wonderful. I am beyond grateful for you!

How was your weekend? Have the little ones gone back to school yet? Did you have a moment with your family before heading back to work today? Are you already anticipating when your partner gets home to relieve you of parental duties? What ever your Monday already looks like, I hope you have taken a moment to take in a fresh breath.


Last weekend was my first time away from my daughter. I planned a personal retreat for myself so that I could spend some time working on my book. Unfortunately I did not get much book work done. I did, however, spend a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing. Have you ever had a day when you planned to get things done, but you ended up on the couch binge watching Netflix? Yea, satisfying but not very productive.  Although I regret not using the opportunity, I am not going to hold on to the negative thoughts. Honestly, it helped me recharge my battery. Now I am ready to take on this week.

Don’t let guilt hinder your mom game. Sometimes we just need to take a break and that’s alright. Sometimes we break our promises to ourselves when we promise that we are going to do better. Sometimes trying to be a better you is just too exhausting, so we resort back to the old us. It’s ok, mama. I know you’re doing your best. Today is a new day to take on those promises to yourself again. Don’t give up. Just keep moving forward.





Somewhere in the beginning of my blogging journey, I “met” Jenni from Housewife Hustle. She has inspired me in so many ways. With blogging, she’s unique and refreshing. She stay’s true to herself and has built a successful empire in her blogging corner. She knows all the in’s and outs when it comes to building and expanding. She also knows a thing or two about self love and body image. She is breaking societies rules when it comes to beauty and I could not be more proud of her.

My wonderful and thoughtful friend has nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award and I am so honored. Thank you so much for this!

1 Month and 4 Days Until October



I’m looking for ideas from you! Send in fun and creative fall fun activities that I can test out on my little one and I will give you a shout out in my post. If you are a blogger, vlogger, or podcaster, feel free to drop a little information about you and your website, and I’ll add a little snip about you. What a great way to put yourself out there!

Can’t wait to see all of your ideas.

Submit ideas here



You’ve gotten the response you have been dreaming about. Finally! Those wonderful, beautiful, double pink lines. The big positive. You are pregnant! Now it’s time to schedule your First Prenatal Doctor Visit.

Join me for my Pregnancy and Delivery Series as I discuss all things pre and post baby.




If you have children in k – 5th grade, then head to and check out this great opportunity. Check out Limitless Learners Contest with for more details about this contest.

This contest ends October 31st, so sign up now!




As a new mom, you may find yourself wondering who that person is looking back at you in the mirror. That person with the messy hair, spit up stain t-shirt, with the bags under the eyes. That person who hasn’t had a real shower or a real meal in days. You’re deep in the trenches of this new life and you don’t know where to go from here. In my post, Who Are You?, I get deep about life after pregnancy and rebuilding ourselves into the women we want to be; the women our children need us to be.

If new motherhood has got you digging out road maps, searching for your next purpose, then follow along and become Messy With A Purpose.



It’s the main insult of our time, “everyone is offended.” We spit out jokes or criticism, and when someone does not respond in the manner we want, we mark them as being “sensitive.” “No one can take a joke,” we proclaim. What if, however, we are not overly offended? Perhaps we are just finally speaking up for ourselves and we are refusing any negative treatment. In my post, Too Sensitive I discuss how people are taking their mental health seriously, but could it be making us “too sensitive”?



Each Sunday I discuss the hottest topic in the land of motherhood: SAHM life, toddlers, babies, Target, baby supplies, tantrums, and more. Follow me on Facebook to see each discussion.

In this edition of Morning Coffee Thoughts, I break down Traveling With Babies and Toddlers.




My Pregnancy and Delivery series continues with the next process in our pregnancy journey; we’re researching our prenatal care.

I’ve got tickets for the next stop in My Journey Forward. We’re headed to the city of Positive Affirmations, where we’ll drop off the negative voices in our heads. We’re also going to take a lesson in building boundaries. Grab your tickets now!

Being a parent definitely keeps us on our toys, but when you have anxiety, it’s much more than just being alert. I’m discussing rational and irrational fears as a mother.

It’s been a seventeen months since my daughter was born. I am beyond grateful to be able to watch her grow into an adorable, bold toddler. Thinking about her transition, however, is a little bittersweet.



I would love to hear from you. Do you have a question? Are you a new parent and want to chat? Do you have something to say?

Are you a blogger? Would you like to connect and be my new friend? Want to be a guest writer?

Are you interested in collaborating or working with me? I am always looking for fun baby products to try.

Contact Me






Thank you for connecting with me!



If you missed the last Monday Connection, you can find it here.

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