First Prenatal Doctor Visit

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First Prenatal Doctor Visit

You have just come down from your emotional roller coaster – thrill ride after discovering that you are building a little human deep inside you. Your partner and you are shrieking, jumping up and down. You’re going to be parents! Congratulations to the both of you. What a beautiful beginning. Now, it’s time to call your doctor and set up your first prenatal visit.

As soon as you receive the positive on that pregnancy test, call your OB-GYN to set up an appointment. Even if you think you’re going to research different health care options, it’s still important to get the initial appointment set up right away.

When you call, your appointment  will be set up from 6 to 8 weeks after your last period. This is a good time to ask any questions you would like to know in the mean time or if you have a concern about the pregnancy – to see if you can get in earlier. 


Prepare yourself

Your first visit will probably be the longest of your prenatal care. If you had a preconception visit, then you may have already discussed your medical history. If you did not, be prepared to discuss your health, mental wellness, family history, and medication with your doctor. They will ask you different questions and dive deep to get any information that would be important for the future care of you and your growing baby.

What To Expect


Your doctor will check your weight and blood pressure to get a starting point on your bump growth. They’ll check your heart and conduct a health exam and physical. Your doctor will also do a pap smear to check your uterus and pelvis. They’ll check your breast and abdomen as well. 

Pregnancy Test

Even though you have already taken an at home test, your doctor will also give you another to confirm your pregnancy. They may also do a blood test to check your  human chorionic gonadotropin levels; a hormone produced by your forming placenta. 

Other Tests

Your doctor may also go as far as conducting a urine test for other health factors, along with a blood test. Your RH blood factor may also be tested. If your RH factor does not match your babies health concerns can arise. For more information on RH blood types visit


During your first visit you may receive your first ultrasound which is the best indicator of your pregnancy. Don’t be concerned if your doctor chooses to wait a little later. Sometimes your egg implantation may be a little off and there may not be much to see at just 6 weeks. The baby’s heart isn’t fully developed until after 8 weeks. 

Estimated Due Date

The countdown starts. Your doctor will give you an estimated due date which is determined by the last day of your period. This date may change through out your prenatal visits.



Other Discussions 

Your doctor will discuss miscarriage precautions with you as well as environmental hazards, diet, traveling, and more.

If you are going to have your OB deliver your baby, now is the time to discuss your health care plan with your doctor. If you are interested in other methods of delivery, such as a midwife or other type of birthing specialist, don’t be afraid to discuss this with your doctor. 


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