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Naps Are Important

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Morning Coffee Thoughts

If I could do one thing during the day, it would be to take a nice, long, quiet nap. A nap with no interruptions, and no concerns about things not getting done or a toddler pulling at my fingers because I’ve got important duties to take care of. Oh, but would I love that nap so very much. A quiet space with mindful music in the background. A waterfall off in the distance. A cool breeze slithering through the windows as I dream. This is adulthood: Daydreaming about naps.

It’s funny how kids take naps for granted. Like, there is so much to explore and play. There is no time for naps. Naps are insignificant to the amount of excitement going on around them. Oh, to have that sense of ambition each day that we jump out of bed, proclaiming, “It’s today! It’s time to play!” Oh to be a child.

Dear Kids, do you not understand that naps are so very important. Yes, naps are important for our kids, but did you know they are important for you too? Grab a cup of coffee, take a seat, and let’s discuss why Naps Are Important in this edition of Morning Coffee Thoughts.

Naps Are Important


For Kids

Naps are important for kids health. It is the right amount of down time during the day to rejuvenate them and rebuild their energy. It gives the brain time to take a break, and it allows the body to heal itself.

Naps also prevent crankiness. I am pretty strict about nap time with my kid because I know it will keep her in a good mood; therefor, I will be in a good mood. It limits the amount of melt downs. If nap time doesn’t fit into a busy day I make sure my kid has an opportunity to rest, whether it’s in the car or in her stroller.

Down time is important for their growth and development. Important things happen in your child’s brain when they are napping. This means naps help kid brains retain information and improve memory.

Yes, it’s true, our children may not understand these benefits and it doesn’t make nap time any easier. Knowing why naps are important for us grownups though, may help us stick to our guns when it comes to maintaining a nap time routine.


Important For Parents

Kids are relentless fire balls of energy, loaded with car batteries that never seem to die. And when they start to slow down, they re-charge by sucking the ever-living life out of us until we’re coffee guzzling zombies. This is my hypothesis when it comes to their ridiculous levels of energy.

This is why we desperately need our children to nap, so that we gain a few minutes to take a deep inhale and sit our asses down. We’ have been chasing, negotiating, wrestling, and lifting for multiple straight hours. Yes, you are exhausted and now you need a break: nap time!

We put off important tasks all day because we have to to give our undivided attention to a fire rocket. Now that our adorable spaceship is nestled cutely in their sleep, we get to wash the dishes, clean up that pile of throw up that’s been sitting all day, and grab a snack.

Naps also allow you to take in a calm moment of serenity, and watch your little blessing sleep. You watch them, wondering how magical it was to create such a beautiful little creature, and you suddenly remember why you became a parent in the first place. Not something you usually get the chance to do when your racing around behind them.

Naps help our kids grow into healthy beings, but they also give us our sanity back, right at the moment when we feel like we are hanging on to our last little bit. So get those suckers off to dream land and find your moment to breath. Happy Napping!


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