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* This post is part of the 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun. For the next 21 days I am going to give you ton’s of ideas on summer fun that will keep your tiny tot busy. Each post will also be pact with hilarious and relatable content for you to enjoy and keep you entertained. Follow me at Messy Mama to get all the summer fun for you and your one year old.


21 Days Of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun


Day 21: Just Relax

It’s been a long summer, and it isn’t even August yet. On today’s edition of 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun we’re taking a break. You are! You’re toddler can do whatever the hell he or she wants.

Materials Needed:


Maybe a drink

Maybe your phone and candy crush

Your child’s toys and own activities


A couch


Today’s fun is brought to you by you, Mama.

Yes You. Job well done on keeping your little one entertained for the last 21 days. This one’s for you. Pull out the toy box, scatter the toys all over the rug, and let your child entertain them damn selves. Today is for you, to sit on your ass and do nothing except whatever you want. And NOT feel guilty. Sip your coffee or your wine, pull up Bachelorette from your DVR, crush those candies, scroll through Facebook, read that book.

Set Up

Nothing. Don’t set anything up. Open up the toy box and sit your ass on that couch. Let your kid tear apart the house while you binge watch Stranger Things. Lay on the couch and play your favorite phone games while your totters builds their blocks and tosses them across the rug. No need to do any heavy lifting.

What To Expect

This is a tough one. One year old’s are unpredictable. For your sake, I hope your little baby-tots has had such a fulfilling 21 days that they will be happy to swim in their toys and have some quiet time. There’s a good chance your toddler wont cooperate and you’ll spend the day crying to yourself that you would just like ten god damn minutes. It’s a toss up honestly, but let’s hope for the best.


Take It In

Hopefully the only heavy lifting you’ll have to do is carry your totters off to nap time and you can continue your lazy day in the quietness of heavy dreaming. Pull out that favorite snack and hit play on that remote while you live tweet the ending to your favorite series. Suck down your wine while you hit your winning streak in Candy Crush. Open up your computer and blog your little heart out. Draw, sleep, eat, binge, read… Do what ever the hell you want. You just completed 21 days of Summer with a baby-toddler and you have another 30+ days until fall hits. (Are you sensing a 21 Day’s of Sequel…)

Finishing Up

You can hear your little one stir. It’s time to be semi-productive and make lunch. Fill up their little belly’s, give them sweet kisses and tickles, recharge their mama time, and set them free again before your partner gets home to “take over”. Order pizza and tell them you’ve got bed time tomorrow. Go soak your ass in a tub. Cheers! Here’s to more summer fun and being the best Mama ever. You done good, girl!


Let me know what you thought of my 21 Day’s of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun.

If you enjoyed it, be sure to keep an eye out for 21 Day’s of Toddler Fun in October.  I’m looking for ideas. If you’ve got some cute fall activities you’d like to see me test out on my one year old, feel free to contact me. Then keep a look out for your shout outs.

If you’re a blogger, vlogger, or pocaster – please add a little bit about who you are and your website and I’ll add a snip in. See you in October.




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