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* This post is part of the 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun. For the next 21 days I am going to give you ton’s of ideas on summer fun that will keep your tiny tot busy. Each post will also be pact with hilarious and relatable content for you to enjoy and keep you entertained. Follow me at Messy Mama to get all the summer fun for you and your one year old.


21 Days Of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun


Day 17: To The Playground

We’re heading back outside for some more fun. What kind of summer would it be if we sat in doors all day. On today’s edition of 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun we’re running with the big kids and we’re taking on judgy parents.

Materials Needed:




Weather appropriate clothing

A playground


Today’s fun is brought to you by swing sets and loopy slides.

We’re mingling with the bigger toddlers and we’re helicoptering our way around the playground with our too tiny tot. At one years old there’s not much for baby-toddlers to do at the playground. They’ll get trampled on, pushed over, and probably ran into. They can’t swing on the monkey bars or climb the geo-dome. That’s fine. That’s why the slides are big enough for adults and they make baby swings.

Set Up

To set this up, head to your closest playground and push those bratty older kids out of the way. Mama and baby are coming through. Who cares if the other parents roll their eyes at the annoying adult chasing their not-quite-a -toddler, but technically is, one year old around the park. Suck it Sharon. Baby-toddlers need fun too.

What To Expect

You’re probably going to get a lot of stares by all the parents who apparently forgot what it’s like to have a one year old with nothing to do. Swing your little pumpkin in the infant swing and ignore all of the eyes on your back. Tell Timmy to stick it when he whines that you’re hogging the slide. His mom probably hasn’t lifted her head from her phone so she wont see you shove that sucker to the side as you make your way to the top. You might even run into another baby-toddler mom and you guys can run-amuck together.

Instead of being judgy-mcjudgers, hopefully the parents will reminisce the good ol’ baby-toddler days and swoon over your little muffin pie. Those eyes though!!


Take It In

Soak up all those adorable little giggles as you push your little one on the baby swing. Snuggle and brave on the swirly slides over and over again. Find a patch of grass and let them run free. Set them down to explore the little world around them. Let them make new friends and ignore the Satin stares from the devilish 4 and 5 year olds. Apparently one was so long ago. They’re just jealous. Whatever!

Finishing Up

When your Toddler has completely exhausted themselves, swoop them up and carry them back to the car. Shove a snack and sippy in their face. Then pat yourself on a job well done. Now we just have to make sure they don’t pass out in the car so you can get them to nap time. If they do, whatever. Stop by the dunkin drive through, get yourself a coffee and drive around the block a few times while you sip your celebratory brew.

Parent win!

I would love to hear about your day at The Playground. Drop your funny but realistic stories below in the comments.

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