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 * This post is part of the 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun. For the next 21 days I am going to give you ton’s of ideas on summer fun that will keep your tiny tot busy. Each post will also be pact with hilarious and relatable content for you to enjoy and keep you entertained. Follow me at Messy Mama to get all the summer fun for you and your one year old.


21 Days Of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun


Day 13: Movie Day

If the rain is falling hard against the window pane’s and a storm is brewing on the horizon, and it’s leaving you feeling a little rainy-day lazy, I’ve got the perfect snuggle time activity for you. Grab the goldfish and your favorite blanket, ignore that to-do list, and grab the clicker. On today’s edition of 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun we’re bringing the cinema to the living room.

Materials Needed:


Toddler approved drink

Mama-approved Drink



A couch or the floor

A television

A movie


Today’s fun is brought to you by cuddle mania at the In-Home Theater.

I hope it’s your cheat day, because it’s time to get your couch potato snacking on. You have an excuse to do nothing and snuggle with your cutie pie while you binge watch your favorite movies together. Grab your favorite snacks, drinks, pillows, and blankets. Movie marathon that living room right up. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day.

Set Up

To set this up, grab your favorite movies and set them near the DVD player, or grab your remote. Next, decide whether you are going to lounge out on the floor or the couch. If you decide the floor, set up pillows and pads for cushion. If you have a pull out couch, even better. If you settle for just the plan couch, so be it. Then, grab all the snacks you can handle, pop the top off that beer bottle or pour yourself a glass of wine, fill up the sippy cup with your toddlers favorite juice. Yes, I said juice. This isn’t a time to be healthy, I said, god damn juice!

What To Expect

Lug all of the snacks and drinks over to the couch, pop in your movie, snuggle under the blanket and try not to move unless you are switching movies or getting up to get more snacks. If your toddler gets up, let them. Don’t you move, it’s fricken Movie Day and if your antsy toddler doesn’t want to participate then they can entertain their god damn selves. Don’t do it! You stay on that couch! I said don’t do it. So what if he’s eating the dirt out of the plant pots. He’ll be fine. Yea so she’s chasing the cat trying to pull it’s tail. You let them figure it out themselves. It’s Movie Day!


Take It In

If you are lucky enough to have a cooperative toddle who enjoys sitting down and watching movies next to you, relish in it. Soak it the fuck up because most of us aren’t that lucky. If your one year old also happens to fall asleep next to you and gives you a free pass to play candy crush, everyone hates you, and no one wants to hear about your “precious” toddler. Kidding! I’m kidding. Honestly, you deserve the calmness because at the end of the day, everyone’s toddler is pure evil. Even yours, Janet.

Finishing Up

When movie day is over, you’ll probably have to deal with a rambunctious tornado because you made your toddler sit down and nap all day. Way to go, genius! Good luck getting your kid to sleep tonight. Working off all of those Twizzlers early tomorrow morning just isn’t in the cards for you. So blessed!

I would love to hear how your Movie Day turned out. Drop your funny but realistic stories below in the comments.


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