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 * This post is part of the 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun. For the next 21 days I am going to give you ton’s of ideas on summer fun that will keep your tiny tot busy. Each post will also be pact with hilarious and relatable content for you to enjoy and keep you entertained. Follow me at Messy Mama to get all the summer fun for you and your one year old.


21 Days Of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun



Day 11: Water Play

If thunderstorms have you trapped inside and your totters is exploding with boredom, this summer style activity will be the perfect ripple to keep them entertained. On today’s edition of 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun, were taking the beach inside.

Materials Needed:

1-2 clear, large plastic containers

Towels, (a lot of them)

Float-able toys

A Swimmer Diaper

More Towels



Today’s fun is brought to you by water splashes and a happy face.

We’re bringing the beach indoors with water play. If your little one is obsessed with making splashes and loves playing in water, this is a great activity to keep their little hands busy and their minds entertained. Be careful though, all those splashes could lead to slippery floors, so have some extra towels ready to wipe up the area before someone gets hurt.

Set Up

To set up this activity, place towels down in a designated spot. Spread the towels out far enough to make a large play area for your toddler to move around. Fill up one, two, or even three clear plastic containers with water and set them on the towels. Throw waterproof toys into each container. Throw a little swimmer on your tiny tot, or let them rock out in their birthday suit. They’ll be standing on a bunch of towels so if they have to go, it’s an easy clean up. Surprise, it’s a day at the beach with the safety of the indoors, and you don’t have hover over them while they are in the water.

Unleash your toddler

Let your little hurricane splash and play at their pretend little beach. Let them get water all over themselves and everywhere else. Watch them focus in on the little ripples in the water, and scream out in delight when water slaps them in their tiny little faces. You’ll have to stand by and pay attention to attend to any puddles that accumulate on the floor. Have your towels ready. Sure, skim through Twitter or sip on your wine, but this is a fun moment. Let’s not turn it into an emergency.


Take It In

Need to do laundry? Set this up in the laundry room or near the washer so you can fold as you watch. Need to prepare dinner or do the dishes? Take the beach to the kitchen. Want to sit and watch your favorite shows? I wouldn’t recommend doing this activity on a rug, so find a nearby floor. If not, most television services can be pulled up from your phone. The more you know!

Be sure to take tons of pictures. If you’re not in to posting naked pictures of your tiny nudist, put them in their bathing suit. Or you could always hold the pictures near and dear to your heart, or show them off to grandma. What ever you prefer.

Finishing Up

Yes, this is a messy activity that you are going to have to clean up. You’ll probably have enough towels for three days worth of laundry. Pour yourself a glass of wine and don’t sweat it. The joy in your tiny tykes face was so worth it.

I would love to hear how your Water Play turned out. Drop your funny but realistic stories below in the comments.

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