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Tissue Box Fun

 * This post is part of the 21 Days of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun. For the next 21 days I am going to give you ton’s of ideas on summer fun that will keep your tiny tot busy. Each post will also be pact with hilarious and relatable content for you to enjoy and keep you entertained. Follow me at Messy Mama to get all the summer fun for you and your one year old.


21 Days Of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun


Day 7: Tissue Box Fun

So it’s late morning and you have some phone calls to make, but your little one is craving some one on one. You desperately need five minutes to make those doctor appointments, pay the bills, or knock that conversation off the to-do list. Perhaps, you just want to get in some hot coffee. Maybe, you’ve got to get this dinner in before your partner get’s home. How can you distract your tiny tots for just a few minutes? On today’s edition of 21 Days Of Baby-Toddler Summer Fun were getting things done. It’s time to sacrifice that tissue box.

Materials Needed:

Tissue box

Random small toys


Today’s fun is brought to you by facial tissue.

That’s right I said it! That tissue box that’s sitting there on the back of the toilet, on the counter, at the desk, by the bed stand. That tissue box is the answer to all of your “I just need five minutes,” prayers. Let’s thank our tissue box for it’s service and sacrifice it to the toddler god. Yes, I am serious! Do you really need a moment? You do? Tissue is your answer my friend.

Set Up

To set this up, walk over to your tissue box, pick it up, and then set it in front of your toddler. It’s is literally as easy as Ready, Set, Go! Now you have five minutes to do what ever you desperately need to do.

Take It In

While your toddler is in blissful, fluffy tissue heaven, you can complete what ever quick task you need to get done. Watch the tissues rain all over your living room rug as you check that task off of your to-do list. Need another five minutes, shove those babies right back in and let toddler-zilla have another go-round with that tissue box.

But wait, there’s more…

When your toddler has had their destructive fill, shove those tissues in for one last time, tuck that box away and label it as the special tissues, and pull that baby out again when you need another five minutes. What’s even better, if your tot has a slimy greeny popping out of their face, no need to go grab the tissues, they’re all over the floor. Toy and clean up all in one box.

Other Alternatives

Can’t seem to cross that line with your tissues? Don’t want to pick up the mess? Too broke to waste those precious tissues; no worries! Just use an empty tissue box and fill it with small toys and safe gadgets that your little one can pull out. Not quite as fun, I don’t think, but still does the trick. Your tissues are safe and your tot is occupied. It’s a another win. Pat yourself on the back for a successful five minutes. You checked off your to-do list and your little one doesn’t think you’re a mean mommy or daddy who wont play with them. Get it!

Finishing Up

When you have achieved your to-do, you can pick up those tossed around tissues or toys? Or don’t! Whatever floats your boat.

I would love to hear how your Tissue Box Fun turned out. Drop your funny but realistic stories below in the comments.

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