Monday Connection

Monday Connection (6/10)

"It is when we are most lost that we sometimes find our trust friends." Snow White from The Brothers Grimm

Hello my beautiful Mama’s and maybe Dad’s,

Good morning, and thank you for joining me for another round of Monday Connection.

Let’s start with you? How was your weekend? Did you get out and enjoy the sun? Were you able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee? If it was chaotic, did you find a moment to breathe?

It was a beautiful weekend here on my little corner of the world. I enjoyed some time to unwind. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to soak much of it in. Boss Baby has had a bit of a rough weekend, so I had to put in a bit of over time. She’s had a few late nights and I’ve been on call. Praying for a steady work week.

Speaking of work week, today brings a new Monday. What does the new week have in store for you?


I am excited to connect with you. I have so much to tell you.



I’ve reached 3,000 followers on my Twitter. Thank you to all of you who follow me on my social media platforms.





I’m introducing a new category on my Facebook, Sunday Morning Coffee Thoughts. Follow me and check it out, every Sunday Morning. I’ve got relatable topics, such as the importance of naps, and traveling with babies and toddlers.



Keep a look out for my follow up discussion posts on each topic.




If you suffer from a mental illness, managing your symptoms while trying to be a good mom can be really hard. We do what we need to do and we fight how we need to fight. We do it for our babies because they deserve a parent who is all in, battling to be 100%, as much as we can.

In my post, You Didn’t Fail, I address the concern and stigma around managing mental illness with medication.




Join me as I discuss preparing for pregnancy, what to expect while pregnant, and getting through your delivery, in my Pregnancy and Delivery Series.

Check out my recent posts, 5 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Pregnant and Waking Up The Maternal Goddess – a personal story on deciding to have a baby.




With Fathers Day right around the corner, I’ve got one for the dad’s.

In my post, A Fathers Role, I discuss how a fathers role in a child’s life has changed and how I am fortunate to have a husband who is fully involved in raising our daughter.




I’ve written letters to my daughter since before she was born. She’ll get most of those letters when she turns 18.

Some letters, I hope she finds while scouring the internet for homework projects, random searches, and while scrolling through whatever social media she uses during her time. I hope they spring upon her right at the moment she needs to read them. Like this letter, Dear Daughter, I Hope You Keep Your Spark.




Reading to your children when they are young is important. It creates a great bonding experience between you and your child. It also helps their development and builds their vocabulary. Check out these wonderful board books in my post, What’s In Her Book Case: Board Books for the First Year.




In case you haven’t noticed, I am a bit of a Mess. I am always looking for bloggers that will help make my mom life a little easier. If this sounds like you too, head on over to Mommy Needs Cookies for parenting tips, yummy recipes, activity ideas, and so much more.




Regardless of how many sleep training specialists, books, and tricks are revolving around this parental atmosphere, popular opinion states that our children just don’t sleep. Some get out of bed with an almanac of questions wondering how the world works. They have to go to the bathroom. Oh and they need a glass of water. But what about the up-all-nighters? The kids who are awake and ready for the world at 12am.

I am a parent to one of those kids. Sometimes a quick transition to my bed get’s her back to sleep, but most nights I am going round after round with her to get her to fall back asleep. I can’t say that I blame her, sleeping can be pretty tough sometimes.

Cori, from This Maagnificent Life calls us the Midnight Mama’s in her post, Encouragement For The Midnight Mama. The name could not be more fitting. It makes the nights a little less Messy when you know your not the only one up at 3am.




I’ve got something wonderfully fun for everyone in the works but I am not going to give away the details just yet. Join me on the next Monday Connection to get the scoop.

I’ve got a couple more additions to my Pregnancy and Delivery Series, so keep your eye’s and uterus’s open for what’s coming next.

In the generation of gender neutral, my daughter still wears pink. I’ll tell you why in the next upcoming weeks.

Mental Health Awareness Month is over, but I’ve got more to say. Grab your life jackets as we sail out to treacherous waters in my upcoming Parenting With Anxiety post.




I would love to hear from you. Do you have a question? Are you a new parent and want to chat? Do you have something to say?

Are you a blogger? Would you like to connect and be my new friend? Want to be a guest writer?

Are you interested in collaborating or working with me? I am always looking for fun baby products to try.

Contact Me









Thank you for connecting with me!



If you missed the last Monday Connection, you can find it here.

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