Letters To My Baby

Dear Daughter, I Hope You Keep Your Spark

My sweet little girl, please don’t ever lose that spark. The fuel that fires all that you are, inside and out. The power that keeps you smiling through toddler snubs, hard falls, little scraped knees, and teary eyes.


I brought you to the library today, to sit and play with the other little ones. You love this place. It is probably your favorite thing to do. There are toys of all kinds spread out across the floor. You jump excitedly from one toy to the next. But it’s not the toys that bring you back each week, it is the other kids. The little crawlers, the tiny tykes, the other walkers, and the big toddlers. You watch them as they play. At first you stay by my side as you gather your courage. Then the spark is lit within, and you are off to wonder and weave throughout the little boys and girls, sitting cross legged on the floor. You approach them one by one, you offer them your toy and you point to theirs. A tiny little gesture asking for an invite. My heart swells up with pride as I watch you try to make new friends.

But then it breaks…

Little ones your age don’t normally play together, only side by side. And many of them have no interest with you coming into their bubble. I watch the little people snub you and I feel my soul grow heavy. They ignore your sweet little gestures and they turn their backs to you. Many of them are not interested in your friendship, they don’t want to share their toys, and they glare at you, hoping that you get the hint to move away from them. I worry that their rejections will damper your mood and I prepare myself to pick up the little broken pieces…

Amazingly, however, I don’t have to. You shrug off their snubs and you move on to the next little boy are girl. Rejection after little rejection doesn’t straighten your smile. You continue to laugh and giggle, eventually finding a toy of your own. You run to me ambitiously to show me what you found. You give me a sweet little kiss and then you are off again, bouncing and giggling, laughing and joyously yelping. Your flame doesn’t falter, and your spark holds steady. Your confidence is endearing, and I could not be prouder.

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Please carry that beautiful spark with you, where ever you go. What ever fuels it to be persistently unscathed, I pray you never lose that. I hope you hold on to that with every little once of your beautiful little soul. I hope you carry it with you through the tribulations of this world, never allowing it to break you or tear you apart. If you can only carry on one thing that I embody to you, I pray that it’s this. The fire that keeps your soul and your heart in one piece. That armor that protects you from the ugly, every damaging experience, and every failure. I hope that beautiful, wonderful, and strong piece of you stays with you every step of the way.

I hope that resilience stands with you when you meet your first mean girl. I hope her reflective insecurities bounce right off you. I hope the love you hold in your heart sees into her pain, disassembling her broken words. I hope your beautiful soul outshines someone else’s damages, not allowing it to become your own. I pray your fuel only grows.

I hope your boldness tells you truths about love when someone else tries to feed you lies. I pray your flame burns through the bullshit and swallows it whole. I hope you continue to love yourself enough to keep your boundaries drawn, and your fire disintegrates anyone or anything that tries to cross them. I hope the beauty in your heart keeps the image of yourself strong, never allowing someone else to paint them differently. I hope you love yourself so much and that everyone around you knows that so fiercely, they dare not penetrate or falter it.

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I hope the love in your soul conquers any evil that tries to come your way. I pray you don’t lose your faith, no matter how many times the demons test it. I hope you chose love over hate and you stay gentle, even when life get’s hard. I hope your innocence remains through out each devastation and that you take it head and heart on. I pray that you never give up on your light and that you never want to.

I hope that your determination keeps you going when your bones want you to give up. I hope you remove any negative thoughts anyone tries to place in your head, and you refuse to listen. I hope your spark ignites your ambition before it loses its drive. I pray you never let doubt and fear consume your hopes and your dreams. I hope that you always choose forward regardless of how difficult the path may be. I hope you never allow your spark to go cold and I pray that you refuse to let it die.

My sweet little girl, please don’t ever lose that spark. The fuel that fires all that you are, inside and out. The power that keeps you smiling through toddler snubs, hard falls, little scraped knees, and teary eyes. I hope that little light mends your little heart every time it breaks and your tiny soul every time you get discouraged. I pray that your laugh rings louder than your cries. That you chose happiness and love over hurt and anger. That you keep loving, right through the breakdowns. That your little heart keeps pounding through the wreckage.

I see it, that fire in your soul. I see it through the windows of your eyes. I see it bright and powerful. I see it ignited with the spark that refuses to dwindle and die. I see it and I pray that you never lose it. I pray that it stays with you throughout all your feats. Keep it fueled and protect it. You’ll need it to fight battles and break down barriers. It will be your greatest weapon, your strongest armor, and the key to all closed doors. You’ll stand strong through any storm with a firm foundation and a powerful spark.





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