Healing Sensitive Baby Butts

Maybe your baby’s diaper rash problem isn’t you, it’s your baby.

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If you are a parent, then you have changed a few thousand diapers. At least, right? So many diapers! Even if you are a single child parent, the amount of dirty diapers one child produces is astounding. How does one little creature deposit so much waste. I can almost fill up a trash can in one day with the amount of diapers our child goes through. It’s ridiculous!

If you’ve changed a lot of diapers, then chances are you’ve dealt with a few diaper rashes.

Maybe a few.

Maybe a lot.

Maybe you are even currently drowning in so many rashes you are at your wits end.

Diaper cream isn’t working.

The doctors prescription only seems to make it worse.

You are debating on using your Aunt Peggy’s secret concoction, but it smells a little like whisky, so your hesitant.

You don’t know what else to do.

Before you head on over to the witch doctor, hear me out for a second. Maybe your baby’s diaper rash problem isn’t you, it’s your baby. Now, before you get upset, let me explain. I’m not saying it’s your baby’s fault, I’m saying it’s your baby’s skin.


We are all pretty aware that babies just have sensitive skin, but what if your baby has super sensitive skin. Like, your baby’s sensitive skin, is sensitive. Your diaper cream could be making it worse. What? So how are you supposed to treat a rash if you can’t use rash cream? I did, using little to no diaper cream, and I’ve pretty much illuminated our diaper rash problem. Yes, we still get the occasional rash, but I have come up with a diaper changing method that has been a tremendous success, and I am going to share it with you.

My Story

I have had sensitive skin my whole life, so I lean towards organic or hypoallergenic, non-chemical products, to prevent irritation. No, this is not a judgy post that goes on and criticizes you for the type of products you use. Life is hard enough! From one itchy person to another, however, the less chemicals that touch your skin, the less likely your skin is going to react. Itchy, burning, irritated skin is not a good time, believe me.

So, when my baby was born, it was a no-brainer for me to use gentle products on her delicate skin. Since I was already using these products, I was unaware just how sensitive my baby’s skin was. Super-Sensitive! So, when she got the devil rash of all rashes, I treated it like I would normally treat her rashes, with Honest diaper cream. The rash would improve, but it wouldn’t go away. It lasted for weeks. I went for the powerful stuff, but it didn’t improve.

Finally, I called her doctor and used a prescription strength medication. It got worse! The rash spread all the way up to her back and up her front. She also began to develop sores from where her skin peeled from being so raw. My little darling was in pain and I was ripping my hair out.

So, I applied my own skin care routine to my baby’s bottom. It was then that I realized the cream’s were only making it worse. I learned that less is better when it came to her skin. Little one has had few rashes since the Hell of all rashes. When I do see one coming on I just apply the diaper care routine and it goes away immediately.



So how do I minimize and treat super sensitive rash butts?

Diaper Care Routine

Change Diapers Frequently – Change a wet diaper at least every two hours. A dry butt is a happy butt. Change poop diapers immediately or as soon as you can. I have discovered that poop diapers will cause diaper rash faster than just a wet diaper. I know, diapers are expensive, but so are diaper creams and doctor visits. Even if your little one doesn’t go, they may still sweat. If they have a rash, change it even if it is dry.

Use Less Wipes – You don’t have to wipe after every diaper change. Moist skin can cause irritation. Definitely after every poop, but try just pat drying a wet diaper change with a soft cloth. I use burp clothes because they absorb but are really soft. Keep bottom cloths separate from spit up clothes.  Try using sensitive or organic wipes on your baby’s butt. I use Honest Wipes.

Lotion – Yes, this is opposite from what I just said, but moisturize your baby’s bottom daily. Extra dry skin can irritate sensitive skin which can cause a diaper rash. I use Honest Lavender Lotion for my baby’s sensitive little tush.

Use Diaper Cream Sparingly – DO NOT glob on the cream. Use a thin layer over the infected area. Too much cream can cause further irritation for sensitive butts. Do apply after every diaper change. Try only applying up to twice a day if the rash is bad. I even rub it in a little. Not quite like lotion but enough to allow your baby’s skin to absorb it. Again, don’t lather a thick layer on.

Also, try an organic or hypoallergenic cream, like Honest Diaper Cream. Again, not trying to bring you over to the dark side, but unnecessary chemicals can make rashes worse for sensitive skin.

Try A Balm – When my baby got open sores from her raw rash, I applied a thin layer of Honest All-Purpose Balm to the affected area. I did not apply the diaper cream with the balm, I waited until the sore’s healed, which they did rather quickly with the balm. I applied this twice a day.

Dry Out – It’s no surprise, many babies love to be naked. It’s freeing and so natural. It’s also good for their sensitive baby butts. If your baby is immobile, you can place them on a towel. For crawlers / walkers you can set them up in their Play Pen with towels. My little one is a free spirit and refuses to be caged in, so I usually just have paper towels and cleaner ready in case of an emergency puddle. (Just be careful, baby can slip in his/her own mess, so naked time should be done under supervision)


That’s it. That’s how I heal my baby’s diaper rash. Yes, a diaper care routine may sound a little ridiculous, but it has kept our baby’s bottom mostly rash free. Our diaper care routine is just as important as our morning routine and our bed time routine. Yes, we still battle with diaper wars and poop fights, but quite frankly, not wiping excessively, and adding cream every time has actually minimized the actual diaper change time. The routine has also become a process of our day, so she is getting much better about sitting through a diaper change.

So what does our routine look like?

My Diaper Care Routine

First Change :

  • Wipe down
  • Pat dry
  • Lotion
  • Fresh diaper

Pee Diaper:

  • Pat dry
  • Fresh Diaper

Poop Diaper:

  • Wipe down
  • Pat Dry
  • Fresh Diaper

(If I notice a little pink after a poop change, I’ll take extra care with the diaper care routine. If I see more red, I’ll put a thin layer of Diaper Cream on the affected area. I treat twice per day.)

Little Pink = Warning    Red = Treat

Bed Time:

  • Bath / Wipe down with wet cloth
  • Air dry with naked time
  • Lotion
  • More naked time
  • Fresh Diaper

Night Time Changes:

I am going to destroy everything you have learned about sleep training. If my daughter woke up in the middle of the night with a full diaper, I changed it. Yes, this is a dangerous game to play, but if my baby was uncomfortable, she wasn’t sleeping anyway. We finally invested in overnight diapers, and she’s been peeing less at night, so we no longer have to do this.

If she wet the sheets or pooped her diaper in her sleep, we woke her up. Again, dangerous, but if we allowed her to sleep through it, she would wake up with a rash. It was a chance I took to prevent another devil rash. It’s helped, a lot!

I Am Not A Doctor:

No, I am not a doctor so I am not a professional, so if you are concerned about your baby’s skin or have questions about baby creams, I would ask your pediatrician. I have, however, dealt with sensitive skin my whole life. So, it only made sense to apply the same routine to my baby, who apparently has gotten my sensitive skin gene. When nothing else worked, our diaper care routine did, and it’s been great for my little family.




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