Preconception Doctor Visit; What You Need To Know

Preconception Doctor Visit; Why you should make an appointment and what you should know before you go.

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If you have decided to get pregnant, then one of the very first things you should do is schedule a Preconception Visit with your OBGYN. Why?


Why Should You Schedule A Preconception Checkup?

You may not be thinking beyond the getting busy part when it comes to the making step of baby planning, but there’s actually a lot more that goes into preparing to get pregnant.

Our health, for starters, plays a huge factor in the development and nourishment of our little growing fetus. It can also determine the type of pregnancy we have. Any genetic issues could be passed down to our offspring. We may have an abnormality that could deter us from becoming pregnant. Certain medications could effect the health of our child. All of these potential risks are discussed during your visit with your OBGYN

Another important reason, you’re about to spend a lot more time with your OBGYN.

If you choose to have your baby delivered by your OBGYN, your relationship with your doctor will blossom beyond the regular pap smear. From your initial pregnancy test, to labor, you will be seeing an awful lot of him or her. A preconception screening is a perfect time to talk to your doctor about any questions you may have in regards to pregnancy check-ups, potential birth plans, and delivery options. That way, you and your OBGYN are both using the same map during the entire ride.

What To Expect During A Visit


During your visit, you get a regular exam if you have not had one recently. They may conduct other test to check for abnormalities. After, your doctor will sit with you, possibly go over your health records, ask you about your family history and may even discuss your mental health with you. Bring a list of questions to your visit and don’t be afraid to spend some time with your doctor discussing any issues or concerns you may have. The preconception visit is the perfect time to put everything out on the table.

  • Regular OBGYN visit Exam
  • Tests / Screening
  • Health History / Family History
  •  Travel History

Regular Exam

Like any regular OBGYN exam, you will get a pap smear, a breast exam, an abdomen exam and they’ll check your blood pressure. Your doctor may also check your weight to keep track of how much you will gain during your pregnancy.

Tests / Screening

You’re doctor may decide to test your blood and urine for any infections or diseases that could effect your pregnancy. You can ask your doctor about genetic screening tests to see if you are a carrier of any diseases.

Health Questions

After the exam, your doctor may go over your records with you or discuss your health history. They may ask about your diet and exercise, current health conditions, what medications you are taking, any past pregnancies you may have had, and may even discuss your mental health with you. They may also discuss you immunization records and suggest any vaccines to prepare for your pregnancy.

If you haven’t discussed it with them already, your doctor will talk about your family history and if any diseases or illnesses run in your family.


You doctor may ask you about your travel history or if you plan on traveling in the future. If you traveled anywhere where the Zika virus has been discovered it could be fatal.

Although not as dangerous for adults, the virus can be deadly to an unborn baby. If you recently traveled to a country where the virus is, your doctor may suggest you get tested before conceiving.


Wrap Up

Don’t forget to ask your doctor about any questions you may have regarding your fertility, future pregnancy, and delivery.

Your doctor may suggest that you start taking a prenatal vitamin which is packed with Folic Acid. A good source of nutrition for your future bean.

Before you leave, your doctor may give you a book about conception and pregnancy. If they don’t, you may want to go and pick one up. Keep it by your bed and read a little each night. This book will be your guide for the next few years.


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