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Boss Baby; Looking Back

#BossBaby Highlights from @messymama18 on Instagram.


“Stay home,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. “You’ll never have to punch the clock or be dragged around by your boss.” Being a stay at home parent sounded like a luxury when I first decided to quit my job. I thought, I get to take an extremely long vacation and hang out with my little angel.

I didn’t realize that I had signed up to be an assistance to a tiny, emotionally-unstable, walking volcano (Physically and mentally) that can’t even wipe her own butt.

The Boss Lady is pretty important. She run’s an extremely chaotic, but tight shift. I am the one who trails behind her, cleaning up her mess, making sure she gets to her appointments on time, and files away all of her endless paperwork. Not to mention, I choreograph all of her important meetings, and take all of her phone calls. I am the maid, the driver, the cook, and the personal trainer, to name just a few jobs that I am in charge of. I don’t clock out, and I don’t have a salary.


It’s a tough job being her assistant, and it’s pretty demanding.



Boss Baby is up bright and early. She usually starts her day with a pick- me up …



Then, we roll out the mat and get to work on her cardio and yoga.



We scour her drawers for appropriate work attire.



Once she has picked the perfect outfit…



… she begins the work day with important business calls, and checks her emails.



Afterwards, we organize meeting details and complete projects.



Finally, business meetings and portfolio critiques.



Then, we head off to lunch.



After, it’s back to the office to prepare for another day.




What’s so hard about that, you ask? Well, when you have a demanding, meticulous, hangry little proprietor, who  pretty much dictates your every move, and is super judgy, it makes for one rough day.




She never takes a day off, so I don’t either. Whether it’s flu season, or spring break, I’m hard at work keeping up with the girl who rarely takes a break.



When it comes to office parties, she’s out of control.



When she does crash, I am always on call.



After a very short rest, it’s up again to start the day all over.




The hours are long and the days are short. It’s not your dream job, but it’s the job you dream of. The coffee needs to be strong, and your heart needs to be wide open. It’s not easy, but it is so damn beautiful.



It’s been a wonderful year for #BossBaby, but now she’s moving on to bigger and better things. Find out what the new Chief Toddler Executive has in store by following me on Instagram, and check back next year for the next annual recap.





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