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Guest Post Featuring Housewife Hustle

Guest Post featuring Jenni from Housewife Hustle

I came across Jenni’s blog at the ripe stage of my blogging journey. Immediately, I was hooked. Jenni sets herself way a part from other parenting bloggers, yet is completely and totally relatable.

In today’s Guest Post, Jenni gives you a sneak peak inside of her world, and introduces you to her blog, Housewife Hustle. Take a moment, have a cup of coffee, or tea, and get to know her. Then, go check out her blog.


Hustling as a Housewife

I started my blog last spring. I had the domain for a few months before, but I was in a rut. It wasn’t until I found out I needed a hysterectomy that I really started to blog. I’ve had a few other blogs in the past, but none of them stuck the way this one has. I wasn’t as passionate before, because I was writing to please other people.

I’ve always loved writing and even got my Bachelors degree in English, but no one ever read the things I wrote. I thought the few professors who told me I was “just an average writer” were write. So, I constantly gave up on myself. I wrote for a music magazine as a reviewer for awhile, but I wanted a blog I loved. So, here I am, finally doing what I love!

Average Mom, Not So Average Circumstances

I’m the run of the mill toddler mom. I like Pinterest and Target, and my kids eat chicken nuggets at least twice a week. I try my hardest to keep my kids happy and healthy, but I’m not a typical SAHM, I guess. I’m legally blind. My visual field is maybe the size of a fat straw or a little smaller than a dime. I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is a hereditary eye disease. At first, I didn’t want to just be “that blind mom blogger.” That has changed though. I have spoken at disability panels and done awareness campaigns in the past, but I wanted to be more than my eyes. So, I slowly let my readers into my unsighted world. I’m actually extremely happy that I can write posts about it now. It’s a bit freeing.

Ups and Downs

Housewife Hustle is about what I do everyday. It’s about the ups and downs of parenthood and life in general. I talk candidly about a big range of topics. I have a rocky health history with eating disorders, anxiety, endometriosis, and a decent amount of surgeries. I want people to see me from a realistic perspective. I blog to not only get readers but to relate to my readers. It’s important to me to be honest and show that everyone has ups and downs. Too many people use the internet to paint a beautiful, false reality, and I’m not one of them. My life is a beautiful mess, and I embrace every moment.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

I’m not a saint. I swear. I rant. I’m just not a very good liar, so I tend to be blunt with how I feel. I’ve been called a number of names, but I am never judgmental. I believe everyone has a story, and we all come from different backgrounds. There’s no point in judging something you haven’t experienced. Having said that, people don’t always agree with me, and I’m okay with that. I love being honest and having discussions in my comments of my posts. I might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like to try different teas, so maybe others should too.

Mom First

My parenting is different compared to other members of my family, so I do catch a lot of flack. I’ve been called a helicopter mom. I just like to be very present with my kids. I also enjoy sharing my parenting experiences. I put my mommy duties above all. I’m still learning to embrace self care, and I’m on a health journey too. I just genuinely believe that my kids come first. I’m working on staying happy and healthy so I can be the best mom to them, and that’s part of the reason I blog.

Blogging keeps me sane. I’ve found a world of amazing people. The support is immense, and it’s slowly turning into a career. I really hope to grow Housewife Hustle into a brand of sorts. I love everything about being a SAHM, and I’m very fortunate that this can be my job. I’m going to keep hustling as a housewife.




Guest Writer Information:

Jennifer Dunlap
Housewife Hustle 



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