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So, You Want To Be A Mother.

Mother to future mother. Woman to woman. The journey, before the actual ride, could be quite frustrating, and I want to prepare you for that.

Warning: This post discusses the difficulties of becoming pregnant and contains sensitive content. If you are currently struggling with trying to become a mother, please be advised that this post could be difficult to read.



I know why you’re here. I was sitting in the same spot you were, just a few years ago. Scoring the internet for tips and advice. Scared. Nervous. Incredibly excited. Was I ready to do this? Was I about to jump into the deep end and emerge into a whole new life? Was I ready to be a mother?

So maybe you had the conversation with your partner. The infamous, “Let’s have a baby!” Maybe you both went back and forth. Maybe you thought, “Now isn’t a good time.” “Is it a good time?” “Will it ever, truly, be the right time.” The answer is always no. You think you’re ready, but you’re not. You’re not ready. Then suddenly, you are. The truth is, you can never truly prepare yourself for what you are about to do. There is no proper ‘travel guide’ for the life of a parent, but we jump into it anyway. Most of the time, it works out just fine.

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If you have made the final decision to go for it, let’s slow it down for a minute and chat. Mother to future mother. Woman to woman. The journey, before the actual ride. could be quite frustrating, and I want to prepare you for that.

You’re here because you want to do this right! You want to know all the ‘should do’s’ and ‘must do’s’ before taking the plunge. You want to prepare yourself, and your future little bean. You want to check all the boxes and complete all the steps. You want a healthy little bundle at the end of this, so you’re about to jump on the obsessive baby making train.

Before you jump into doctor appointments, tracking apps, thermometers, calendars and little red dots. Before you dive into books and internet articles on tips and tricks. Before you invest in pregnancy tests and ovulation trackers. Before you start to wander the baby isle of Target, I need you to take a breath. What I am about to tell you will shatter your thoughts and exited ideas of how you see your life going in the next year or so.

Maybe you’ll get lucky on your first try. Maybe it will be as easy as 1,2,3…. and baby. Maybe you’re dreams will come true and you will have everything you ever wanted in just one shot. There’s also a good chance you won’t. There’s a good chance you’ll end up breaking your own heart quite a few times in this journey to be a mother. So, before you dive in, just take a moment to breathe.


This next chapter you are about to jump into could be a difficult one. It could be a long one. It could be frustrating, and it could be devastating. You could end up with a thousand no’s before you finally get a yes. You could win only to find out that you lost. You could break your heart a thousand times, desperate to fill your heart with that empty need you yearn for. Your dreams of mothering that perfect little bundle of magic could crash and burn.

Your first ride could be your longest one. It could the your hardest one. It could be the most painful. It could also be the most beautiful one. Yes, it’s true. Nothing works out quite like we plan. Yet, when it finally happens, you will cry, you will laugh, you will celebrate, and you will love so very much.

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When my child was born, I had a realization. Specific genes came together at a specific time and built a uniquely beautiful little creature. Different sets of organisms can be paired into a billion different combinations. Each child in a home is built so different then that of their own siblings. That means, my little beauty was pieced together in account to the time, and combination of cells. If I had gotten pregnant sooner or later, I would have been blessed with a completely different child than the one I am currently raising today. That thought is wonderful and magical and makes me so incredibly thankful.

Timing is everything, events are everything. The journey is truly everything. Your baby will come to you the way that he or she is meant to, at the time they are meant to. Life, regardless of how, will bring the two of you together in such a beautiful and magical way. The path to one another will change you, it will humble you, and it will strengthen you. It will be the wheel that generates a path that will turn you into the mother you were meant to be. If you truly desire to be a mother, you will be. Embrace and love the road you take to get there.

Good luck, Mama, and when you finally welcome your tiny miracle, I hope you find your way back to me. I would love to hear all about your story.






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