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The Grand Adventures of Purple Monkey

There once was a Monkey, who was the color of purple.

There once was a Monkey, who was the color of purple. She swung high in the trees. She befriended the Elephant, the Giraffe, the Zebra, and the Lion. Purple Monkey enjoyed hanging out with all of her friends very much. One day, she decided that she was to go on a journey, far from her tiny little tree. She invited her friends along and together they embarked on a grand adventure.

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Along her journey, the Purple Monkey met a little girl. This little girl loved to play and they became great friends. The Purple Monkey introduced her other friends to the Little Girl and they got along so wonderfully. Before she knew it, the Purple Monkey had lost all track of time. When she finally realized that she had stayed with the Little Girl for a very long time, she realized she did not want to ever leave her side. She decided she would stay with her.

Copyright 2018 Messy Mama

The months went on, and the Purple Monkey and the Little Girl created wonderful memories together. They played, they danced, they even went on more grand adventures, but this time, together. They went for walks, they traveled to Grandma’s house, and sometimes they even napped together. It was an unbreakable friendship.

One day, during one of their trips, the Purple Monkey got separated from her Little Girl, and quickly became lost. When the Little Girl returned home, she realized that her Purple Monkey was not with her. Where could she have gone? Would she be coming back? The Little Girl became very sad. She missed the Purple Monkey very much.

Days had passed with no sign from Purple Monkey. Could she be playing a trick. The Little Girl and her Mom searched the house high and low for Purple Monkey. They searched under the couch, they looked under the chair, they picked up pillows, and they picked out the books in the book shelf. The Purple Monkey was not hiding anywhere in the Little Girls home.

The Little Girl went many nights without saying good night to her favorite friend. Where could she be?

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After a few, very long days, the Little Girl and her Mom believed that Purple Monkey was lost. They had to forge together to go search for her. The Little Girl bundled up real tight to protect herself from the cold. Her Mom brought along their trusty Hound to sniff out the scent of the Purple Monkey. Together, Little Girl, Mom and Hound, set out to find Purple Monkey.

They trailed through the bitter cold, climbed steep hills, they combed through heavy brush, and crossed over large puddles. When they came to a split path, they remembered the trail they had taken on their last adventure together. To the right was the way they went with Purple Monkey. They were sure of it! They took a chance, and they forged on. As they came across piled leaves, they could see a flash of purple in the distance. Trusty Hound was hot on the trail as she picked up a familiar scent.

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Forward, she took them. They dug through the pile of dried up leaves and there she was! The Purple Monkey, sitting alone, a little dirty and very cold, but unharmed. She was saved!!! Her friends had come to her rescue. Little Girl and Purple Monkey were reunited once again. They danced and they sang, and then hurried home to the warmth of the fire, where they sipped hot cocoa. The Purple Monkey was happy to be clean and warm back with all of her friends and her favorite Little Girl.




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