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Baby’s First Christmas; Great Baby to Toddler Transitioning Toys

Yes, Christmas has come and gone, and Santa has closed down his work shop, but you can still find these awesome infant to toddler toys online at Target or Amazon.

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Christmas has come and gone in our little corner of the world. For the first time, I got to witness Christmas through the eyes of a child. Filled with love and excitement, I watched as my little one gazed in wonder at the gifts under the tree.

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At just ten months, my darling little girl celebrated her very first Christmas. Sure, she stared oddly at the man in the red suit, pointed in question at the large decorated plant in our living room, and cocked her head at the paper wrapped objects under neath it. No, she did’t write a wish list to Santa and she didn’t anticipate sleigh bells outside her window. She is much too young for that. Yet, the day was still, as magical as it could be.

Our Christmas did not go the way we had originally planned. As a parent, I understand this concept all too well. Such is life! When we become adults, there is a certain point when we realize this very important fact. We don’t accept it, however, until we become parents.

Our aspirations for visiting family and seeing Grandma were altered because our infant had gotten her very first cold. With her immune system hard at work, and her mood, gloomy, we decided it was in our baby’s best interest to sit this Christmas out.

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After a quick call to Santa, and a Reindeer Re-route, our little girl was still able to celebrate her first Christmas.

Yes, Christmas has come and gone, and Santa has closed down his work shop, but you can still find these awesome, infant to toddler toys online at Target or Amazon.

Let’s check out what Santa left under our baby’s tree this year:


Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag


Santa delivered the Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, which are perfect for cognitive skills and hand and eye coordination as your infant transitions into toddler hood. What a great way to start exploring your little ones imagination. This awesome pack comes in three great color sets –  classic, pink, and trendy. Can’ t decide on a color? That’s okay! Mega Bloks are great for mix and matching and all three color sets are compatible.


Mickey Mouse laptop


Getting work done on my computer was difficult with baby reaching in to play. All she wanted to do was open and shut my laptop, while I was typing. This Christmas, we asked Santa for help and he came through with this Mickey Mouse laptop. Not only does she have her own laptop to open and close to her hearts desire, but it also teaches her colors, shapes, and numbers. Laptops are available in both Mickey and Minnie.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy


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It’s true, babies can’t write out a Christmas Wish List, but we’re pretty sure our little Sweetheart had this guy at the top of her most wanted list. We passed the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy in Target just weeks before Christmas and she could not take her eyes off of it. She lit up when she saw it and even pointed at it. As we proceeded down the isle, she continued to stare, point and make repeated babble noises. Apparently, Santa understands “Baby,” because this adorable pup was waiting for her under the tree Christmas morning.

Puppy comes with three Smart Stages for baby’s developmental growth. This adorable cuddly guy sings 75 different songs and teaches colors, shapes, letters, numbers and the main body parts. This snugly, educational tool is available in both Puppy and Sis.

Fisher Price Smart Phone


Boss Baby’s ensemble would not be complete without her very own, Fisher Price Smart Phone. She’s answering business calls with this fun, musical phone. It includes 20 songs and teaches numbers, counting, and greetings. The smart phone is available in blue, white, and pink.

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Christmas has come and gone, the tree has left the building, and Santa is still recovering from all of the cookies. These toys, however, will be around for a while as our little baby transitions into the next stages of her childhood. We are ready to teach her all that we can and we have some great learning tools to help us along the way.

Don’t want to wait until next year to get your hands on these great toys? You don’t have to. They’re available at Amazon and Target. Interested in ordering them? Just click the links, or pictures, and you will be taken to the proper sight. Happy Shopping!

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