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Here’s To The Messy Mamas

Here's to you... Sipping on your cold cup of coffee, running your fingers through your unshowered and uncombed hair, wondering what that stain is on your leggings.

Here’s to you…

Sipping on your cold cup of coffee, running your fingers through your unshowered and uncombed hair, wondering what that stain is on your leggings.


Here’s to the Messy Mama, trying to make it through another long, exhausting day.

Here’s to you, sleeping through your early morning alone time, so that you can catch a few extra minutes of sleep.

Copyright 2019 Messy Mama

Here’s to the Mamas with little babies, waking up at 4 am. Here’s to the Mamas dragging kids out of bed for school.

Here’s to Breakfast Makers, who feed everyone else while your eggs go cold.

Here’s to you, picking up dirty towels and piles of worn pajamas. The Mamas who feel unappreciated as they wipe off toothpaste from the mirrors and scrub stains out of the tub.

To the Investigators, trying to locate the other shoe. To the problem solvers for the project that is suddenly due. To the Mamas worn thin because “for God sacks, just get in the car!”

To the WWE fighters, trying to wrestle on diapers, pants and jackets. To the Baby Wranglers, the Toddler Tamers and the Teenager Translators. Here’s to the Moms, attempting to avoid small talk at the bus stops, and eye contact at the drop off lanes.


To the new Mamas, trying to be a mom, without losing themselves. The Mamas trying to fig out the car seat, the stroller, the breast milk vs formula debates and how you’re going to get to the dirty dishes left in the sink.

To the Mamas with the heavy chest, trying to catch your breath.

To the Mamas, with tear soaked cheeks, sitting on the bathroom floor. Feeling like you have broken your promises of being a better mom. Feeling alone, drained, and so very tired.

Copyright 2019 Messy Mama

To the Mamas who grocery shop, walk the dog, feed the cat and clean the house, all while having a baby attached to your hip and toddlers wrapped around your legs. Having to wait hours before you finally get a minute to go to the bathroom or grab a bite to eat.

To the Career Jugglers, who head home to cold dinners, bath time struggles and bed time fights.

To the Pregnant Mamas, juggling your morning sickness while chasing after little kids. 

To the Mamas caring for special needs kids. Who put others needs before your own. For the Mama, holding it all together and doing your best to be strong for others.

To the Struggling Mama, who can’t seem to fit into her role.

To the Mamas still trying to figure out how to merge the lines between motherhood and self. The Mama who figures it all out one day and loses it all the next. To the Mama who is not sure she can do it, grasping to her faith.


To all my Messy Mama’s. I see you and I am here to say, you are not alone.

We are all trying hard to be good moms. I feel the chaos in your chest and I see the clutter in your mind. I know some days it is really hard! Some days you feel like you are going to crash! Some days you believe you did it all wrong. 

You’re doing the best you can, Mama.

You have built, delivered, and are raising such beautiful babies.

You did that!

You withstood all of that, and you made it through each difficult day. You are amazing and you are so incredibly strong.

Embrace this Messy world of Motherhood and know you are loved and you are doing just fine.

Here’s to you, Mama!


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Copyright ©  Messy Mama 2019 



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