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Gift Ideas for the Tired Mom

Great Holiday gift ideas for the Mom that just needs a break.

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The Holidays are here and we’re making our lists and we’re checking it twice.

Wondering what to get the mom’s in your life. Whether she’s your mom, a sister, a friend, co-worker, or maybe your wife. If she’s a mother, chances are, she’s probably exhausted and dying for a break. It doesn’t matter if she’s a new mom who hasn’t made time for herself, a mom drowning from PTA meetings, holiday parties and bake sales, or she’s been working extremely hard this year and doing all things mom on top of the already packed schedules. That poor girl needs more than cutesy cheese baskets, (unless it includes wine), jewelry she’ll never wear, or fancy food processors. Give her the gift of relaxation this year.

Here are some awesome gift ideas for the tired moms in your life who deserve a break this Holiday Season.

The Gift of Relaxation

If she’s into wine, then a good break may include her favorite glass of red or white. Opening wine bottles is a hassle, and who has time for broken corks anyway? Make her life a little easier with the Wine Enthusiast Electric Wine Opener. This magnificent tool also includes bottle stoppers and an aerator. Her days of battling with the corkscrew are over. Include her favorite bottle of wine, and a cute little glass to match her adorably sarcastic personality. 


The Gift of Lounging

Let’s face it, sometimes Mama’s just need a nap. Give that tired Mama the gift of rest this year with a throw blanket. This blanket is cozy, warm and comes in so many colors so you can match it perfectly to her living room. Add a nice warm pair of socks and a movie or book and she’s all set to plant herself on the couch. Don’t forget to include undisturbed time for her as part of the gift and you’ve got yourself a Great Gifter of all Gifters award.

The Gift of Comfort

Putting on pants can be tough when you’re exhausted. Unfortunately, us mom’s don’t always get a free pass from looking how we feel. A nice comfortable pair of leggings with a warm winter sweater and a scarf takes us from Mess to looking our best in 5 seconds flat. Give mama the gift of comfort and get her a pair of these comfortable 90 degree leggings. They’re comfortable, stretchy and high-waisted which helps tuck away any potential insecurities.  

The Gift of Energy

If she’s needing some extra energy, why not get her a bag of her favorite coffee beans with this simple and easy bean grinder for a fresh taste. Add in a cute cup and you’re rocking the gift giving. Look at you go, you’re so good at this.

The Gift of Restoration

Mom needs a little time to herself to freshen up. How about some face wash and nail polish. Add in her favorite scent and BB cream from Pacifica and she’s ready for the new week ahead. Check out some of these beauty products from Pacifica. They’re organic, animal cruelty free, and all containers are recycled. It’s a triple win here!

Most importantly, don’t forget to help out the mom’s in your life. Give her some extra love this Holiday season and let her know she’s appreciated. Make her Merry a little merrier and her Bright a little brighter.


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