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Unique Love; A Guest Post

Guest Post by Caffeine, Chaos and Grace

Kiersty came into my blogging journey right at the beginning. From the start, she was supportive and kind. Although miles apart, I found a friend in Kiersty. We were both navigating through this blogging world and discovering our individual paths, together. Her words have inspired me and her encouragement keeps me motivated. She is an amazing mother of three adorable little girls and she is a talented writer. In her blog, Caffeine, Chaos, and Grace , Kiersty takes on the chaos of motherhood with coffee in hand. In her guest post, she gets personal with a letter to her children.

Photo: Property of Kiersty Lucero, writer and owner of Caffeine, Chaos, and Grace.

Unique Love: An Open Letter to My Children

When I had my first daughter all I could think about was how much love filled my heart because of this one little human. I was sure no other love would ever compare to what I felt the moment I held her for the first time, and for the most part I still believe this.

After having two more children since then, I have learned about how different a parent’s love is for each of their children.

The love builds around each child, from the day you have them to the day you die. You build a bond, a relationship and a world completely unique to this little person. It’s only natural to know that the love that comes with this bond is just as particular as all these other factors.

I pray that my kids understand that when I direct one of them towards a goal, and the other towards a different goal, it is not a gesture that can be used to measure my love for one child versus the other. I hope that I can raise them to know that their father and I being so active in their lives has given us the ability to mold our concerns, dreams and ambitions for each them in a way that fits them personally. It won’t always look like this is the case, and that is understandable.

For my oldest I know that she didn’t ask to be born as the leader, but she takes so naturally to nurturing her sisters that I can’t help but think it was just meant to be. I pray that she grows up appreciating, accepting and loving the role God has given her as the oldest sibling. I pray that she knows any mistakes her siblings make are not her burdens to bare, even though she may have tried her hardest to lead them. I hope she understands that by simply being there for her siblings and having their back she will have made me proud. Further more, I want her to know that any time she needs to separate herself from her sisters, to work on own dreams for instance, I want her to know that I would never hold that against her. I want what is best for my children, all of them, individually as well as a unit and a family.

To my second baby girl, my most sensitive and ever so loving little, I pray for strength. I work hard to build her to be stronger while never losing that amazing sense of passion and understanding of emotional connection. I pray she learns to be strong on her own, so as not to feel alone when I cannot be there for her as I age and someday pass away. I wish with all my heart that she learns how to balance listening to her heart and her gut instincts.

Even though she has yet to have her first birthday, my youngest little still shines bright with her own personality. I see a happiness in her that works well with her natural, lovable sass and independence. I hope she never loses that happiness. I pray that even with all that life throws at her, that she can carry that strong attitude with her always. I pray she and her sister’s stay close, to look after each other and carry each other with all three of their complimenting personalities.

Most of all I pray that I can teach them to love each other unconditionally. If I can guide them to understand that regardless of any drama, struggle or heartache they may face, nothing should separate them from the fact that they are family, they are tied together with childhood memories and what ever the future holds for them, then I believe I have accomplished the most important goal of my life.


*This work is written by Kiersty Lucero and is protected by copyright laws. 


  1. This is so beautiful. I love it. I often worry about having another child and wonder how I will ever make room in my heart to love another as much as I already love my son without taking away the love and time I have to dedicate to raising him. You perfectly captured what it’s like to love multiple little ones, just as uniquely as the first. Thank you so much for sharing.

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