Monday Connection

Monday Connection (11/19)

"It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop." ~Confucius

Hello my oh so wonderful readers,

Welcome to another Monday Connection.

We have approached another Monday? How was your weekend? Were you able to find some time to relax before the chaos of the holidays begin? I hope so!

What are your plans this week? Are you frantically preparing for Thanksgiving? Have a list of to-do’s to accomplish before your travels? Excited to see any one particular this holiday?

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite. Family, football and food; Does it get any better than that? Now, with the addition of our little one, the holidays have a much deeper meaning. I am so excited to pass on old traditions and make new ones with our little girl.

Any shopping goals for Black Friday? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


I’ve got some fun stuff coming up this week.

I’ve got another guest post coming out today from a wonderfully talented blogger. I can’t wait to share her work with you.

This week, for my Postpartum challenge, I get real about my eating habits. I am ashamed and proud all at the same time.


After reading through handfuls of blogs last week, I was excited to get to know Nicole, from Navigating Darkness. She helps others cope with mental illness through her blog posts. She get’s real about her own struggles and even has a few tips to help others navigate through their own darkness. Just in time for the Holidays, Nicole has started a post series, constructed of multiple authors who help us cope with our mental health during the holidays. Such a great idea, right!? To follow along, visit her introduction post, Taking Care Of Your Mental Health During The Holiday Season. Subscribe to her page and check out her other great posts, such as What Depression Is Really Like, Never Feel Guilty For Taking Care Of Your Mental Health, and The Voices of Mental Illness.


I would love to hear form you! Do you have any questions for me? Would you like to know more about me? Have comments about my posts?

Are you a blogger? Want to collaperate a post together? Would you like to be a guest writer for my page?

Contact Me



Thank you for connecting with me!


Messy Mama

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