Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery Challenge; Benefits of Yoga: Part II

This post is part of the Postpartum Recovery Link-Up. Join me and get inspired to discover your greatest self, both physically and mentally, during parenthood. What were/are your biggest struggles, your greatest defeats and how are you inspiring the children you raise by improving you health and wellness. Come get healthy with me by linking up your Postpartum (both moms and dads) Recovery health and wellness stories. For more information, check out the details at the bottom of the post.

When I had first heard about Yoga, I assumed it was an extremely easy exercise that spiritual health nuts obsessed over. Of course, this was the ignorant perception I held as a young adult. Firstly, being spiritual and healthy takes an unbelievable amount of open mindedness and will power, but that’s a discussion for another day. This discussion is all about the wonderful benefits of Yoga and how it can help you on your Postpartum Recovery Challenge.

Yoga has both physical and mental benefits. This is extremely important for parents. Raising kids is hard and making time for ourselves never seems to be a priority. Especially us new moms who are still trying to maneuver through the mess while trying to put ourselves back together. Yoga has been one of a few lifelines I have clung to during pregnancy and postnatal.

New moms, new dads, seasoned parents looking to get back in shape. Before you judge, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of yoga:


Raising kids is stressful. Beyond the everyday stresses that continue to follow us around like the health of our children, how we are raising them, and our level of parenting, there are also the small but everyday stresses. Finding missing shoes, getting somewhere on time, finding time to get things done, and so on. The day is pure chaos. If you can find time, however, to roll out your mat for 30 or so minutes for yoga, then you can be on your way to a calmer you. Yoga is all about being present in the moment. It’s a series of positions and stretches that can release tension, along with breathing that centers us. Through meditation from yoga, you gain a sense of relaxation. Reducing stress enhances our well-being.



No, being flexible is not a necessary part of parenting, unless is has to do with schedules. If you are serious about becoming healthier, however, being flexible can prevent injury during regular exercise. Flexibility can also reduce some muscle pains. What parent has time to deal with pain and muscle aches?

Muscle strength

Yoga helps improve muscle strength. This is great for new moms after delivery. Postpartum, moms will lose strength in their pelvic and abdomen muscles, especially women who delivered by cesarean. Postnatal yoga may be a great way to re-strengthen core muscles. (If you are diagnosed with diastasis recti, please consult with your doctor before beginning yoga.) Looking to shape up those arms and legs, Yoga also improves muscle tone.


During pregnancy, we lose our balance. Hormones cause our joints and bones to relax which helps with child birth. This, along with weight displacement, and our balance may be way off after baby is born. Yoga is a great way to regain balance.


Parents know a thing or two about being exhausted. Multiple cups of coffee never seem to provide the energy we need to keep us going all day long. From early morning to bed time, it’s go, go, go and then go some more as the child wakes trough out the night. Like any exercise, regularly practiced yoga may provide us with that extra dose of energy we are all looking for.

These are just a few of the reasons you should grab a mat and start practicing today. Yoga benefits us all differently and we explore it for different reasons. Yoga is a great step to get back on the path of physical and mental wellness. Go ahead and give it a whirl. Let yoga lead the way into your journey to find health and happiness.

Today, I move on to the next piece of my recovery journey; rebuilding myself, both physically and mentally, at my own pace. I still experience pain and discomfort and I will adjust my health plan accordingly. I will rip up the expectations of who I think I need to be and set new goals to become the new person I want to be. I will take my mental health seriously and indulge in practices that will improve my mental wellness. Join me Moms and Dads, in my Postpartum Recovery Series as I build a happier and healthier me. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

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Thank you to all who participate, and I am excited to see everyone’s unique health and wellness journey.

In case you missed it, here is last weeks Postpartum Recovery Link-Up, Reconnection Through Yoga: Part I

Sources of Information: Benefits of Yoga Benefits of Flexibility Exercise Pelvic Rehab Therapy 5 Ways Pregnancy Affects your balance

*Disclaimer – I am not a professional and will not be accountable. My blogs are written from my own experiences and should not be taken literal.


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