Monday Connection

Monday Connection (11/5)

"Failure is a great teacher, and if you are open to it, every mistake has a lesson to offer." ~ Oprah Winfrey

Happy Monday

Coffee in hand, preparing to plow through another week. Hope your weekend was recharging and you are ready to take on this brand new Monday!

Welcome back to another Monday Connection. We have so much to talk about.



I’ve been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you to Thoughts With N, for nominating me for this award. Bella-Rose is a mama blogger who dives deep into her mental health and stories about life. Check her out and go give her a follow.

You can check out my Award post too:

Blogger Recognition Award

The number of the week is 88! That is how many of you are currently following/subscribed to my blog. I am almost to 100! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. It is amazing to think how far I have come from when I first started two months ago.



If you are not already, make sure you follow or subscribe to my website to keep up with what I’ve got going on this week.

I’ve got another Guest Post! Keep your eyes open today to see who I introduce.

Did you catch the latest Boss Baby post on my Instagram? If not, go ahead and give me a follow. Another edition of #BossBabySeries comes out today!

Make sure you are following me on Twitter to see what Dad I am raising my glass to this week on #ThankGod4Dads Thursday. If you’d like to nominate a Twitter Dad, or your own Dad, you can contact me here.


If you have been following my #PostpartumRecoveryChallenge then you are aware of the journey I am currently on in re-discovering myself. After having my baby, I struggled tremendously with my body changes. I tried to “bounce back” but I crashed and burned. I made the decision to stop torturing myself into trying to fit back into my pre-baby jeans. I dumped the idea that I needed to be the woman I was before, and I chose to cater to my body’s needs.

I am now on a journey to heal instead of fix. I am accepting the body that built and birthed my beautiful little girl and I am on a mission to reinvent myself. I am also hoping to inspire other new moms and dads to do the same. Follow along and participate if you like. If you missed any, feel free to check them out:

A Fresh Start

Small Choices Lead to Big Changes

Taking Self-Care Seriously

A Day Of Purging

Reconnection Through Yoga: Part I


In case you missed my published post from last week, here it is again…

When She Cries; Fear of Separation



Every week, I find a blog post that inspires me. I dive deep and learn a little about the author and discover new blogger friends. This week, I discovered Arteria Richardson. On her page, Tearsof_Art, she blogs about overcoming challenges and the strategies that helped her navigate through life.

In her post, Surroundings – What Do You Need To Get Rid Of?  Arteria discusses staying positive through negativity. The easiest way to do that, she says, is by removing it from our lives. Check out her post and get to know her. Then go ahead and give her a follow.



I would love to hear from you. Tell me what you are loving about Messy Mama.

Are you a blogger? Would you like to write a Guest Post?

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Thank you for connecting with me!


Messy Mama


Didn’t get a chance to connect with me last week. No worries ~~> Monday Connection (10/29)


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