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Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you, Thoughts With N, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award

Just two and a half months in and I have received my fifth award nomination. This is not meant to brag. Honestly, I am overwhelmed with the amount of support and recognition I have received to my blog in just the short few months since I have started it. I have fallen in love with the art of blogging. I never imagined I would already be in this position. So many of you have reached out to me to let me know that my writing has influenced you in some way or that my discussions have inspired you. My passion is writing, and my drive comes from every single person I have encouraged. Each and every one of you are the reason I keep writing!


Thank you to Bella-Rose from blog, Thoughts With N, for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. In her blog, she writes about life and her mental health. Her words are artistic and they are strung together perfectly to inspire her readers, me being one of them. She is a mom, like all of us, trying to make it through our day, one coffee at a time. Go and give this wonderful writer a follow!

Blogger Recognition Award

The Blogger Recognition Award is awarded to bloggers by their peers on the characteristics of hard work and talent. For some of us, running a blog is much more than a hobby. It’s a desire, a way of life, and an outlet. Bloggers are recognized for putting their heart and soul into their blogs and maintaining their sites. Hard work and hours of dedication we put into our writings and more hours of promoting it is acknowledged and appreciated by fellow bloggers.


Write a post showcasing your award

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Share a short story about how your blog started

Share two important pieces of advice to bloggers who are just starting out

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The Birth Of Messy Mama

I had first attempted blogging about five years ago. I had mainly discussed animal welfare issues and talked about my love for writing. The blog went no where. I knew nothing about promoting and networking. I wrote here and there when something came to mind, but I was pretty much all over the map with my writing. I knew nothing of niches, domains, or the blogging community. I took a break to start my book. After having my daughter, I felt like I had so much to say about everything that I had experienced and what I was learning while I was raising her. It made me think that I would have loved to have someone like me, writing it all down, so I had an idea about what I was getting myself in to. The What To Expect books never tell you about the life lessons you learn while raising a child.

Wondering why some bloggers were successful and why I wasn’t, I spent more time researching and learning about what it takes to blog. It is so much more than just writing and publishing. I am still learning something new every single day.

Messy Mama was the title I gave myself. I knew I wanted to write about being a new mom, but I wanted to be realistic. I wanted to define motherhood as it really was, not what social media made it out to be. I was a new mom who couldn’t get her shit together and I embraced that. Motherhood is chaotic and it’s messy. I want other new mom’s to know that and I wanted them to embrace it to.


If you are just starting out on this blogging journey, congratulations! Welcome!

1). Read, a lot! Read other bloggers content, read all the how-to’s, read the advice, … read, read, read! Reach out to peers, introduce yourself, ask questions, and network. Domain hosts like wordpress give you access to so many other bloggers that you can reach out to. Social media is also pretty amazing.

2). Don’t give up. The first step in blogging is learning. Take time to learn all about blogging and absorb all the information on how to be successful. Take notes. Learn, learn, learn. Blogging is a slow paced process. Focus on the journey and not on the destination. There will be days when your views will be low. Don’t let that deter you. Give your blog so much love and attention because you love doing it, not because you’re trying to get rich quick.


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  1. I was coming to your post to not only congratulate you but to say that you definitely deserve it! You have been super awesome and I love that I’ve found you! Extra bonus, you nominating me 🙂 I am once again blushing from ear to ear! Thank you!

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