Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery Challenge; A Day Of Purging

This post is part of the Postpartum Recovery Link-Up. Join me and get inspired to discover your greatest self, both physically and mentally, during parenthood. What were/are your biggest struggles, your greatest defeats and how are you inspiring the children you raise by improving your health and wellness. Come get healthy with me by linking up your Postpartum (both moms and dads) Recovery health and wellness stories. For more information, check out the details at the bottom of the post.

Feeling overwhelmed has become a typical feeling now that I am a mom. Having to worry about getting the day to day stuff accomplished, and now I have a little person. It brings in enough ingredients to mix up the perfect batch of “stressed out pie.” I don’t know what it’s like raising teenagers, looking after school aged children, or even running around with toddlers. I have not graduated to that level of motherhood yet. I do, however, know what it’s like to be a new mother with a newborn, a woman trying to find herself after having a baby, and an exhausted parent with a growing infant. I can’t explain the level of exhaustion that comes after this stage, but I can tell you that I am damn tired. More tired than I have ever been in my life.

Learning to juggle regular adult priorities while having an infant, who is currently struggling with separation anxiety, is hard. Getting stuff done with a Type A Personality baby is pretty difficult. Simple errands are overwhelming, and chores fall by the waist side. Even worse, the anxious feeling of falling behind takes over my brain. Instead of cleaning a little bit this week, I have to clean a lot. Just thinking about it makes me want to push it off even longer. Did I mention yet that I am tired? I have? In that case, it’s time to simplify.


When was the last time you took a break? When did you shrug of the dirty dishes in the sink, poor yourself a glass of wine and just sat around and did the bare minimum? Did you know this can be a part of your Post-Partum recovery too?

Yes, falling behind is overwhelming, and we still need to care for our kids, but we’re entitled to cancel plans and chuck the to-do list occasionally. I’m being unrealistic? Hear me out. I have priorities, scheduled events, a book full of to do’s and obligations that I need to do. I get it, there is some things we just can’t ignore or say no to. That’s why I am talking about the bare minimum.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then you might be over worked. You’re stretched thin and you haven’t gotten much sleep. Does this sound about right? So, lets de-stress today. Are you ready to take the jump? I double-dog dare you!

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Open up your schedule and take a good look. What can you cancel today? Do you need to go to the store? Can that meeting wait? Does your hair need to be cut today? Is that errand so important that it needs to get done today? Can you wipe down instead of deep clean? Why not order pizza instead of making dinner? Yes, you love the mom meet ups with Becky, isn’t she amazing? But I’m sure she will understand if you need to back out. If she can’t, is she even a mom? (That’s meant to be sarcastic, of course. No offense, Becky).

We’ve decluttered our schedule, what’s next? What else could we do throughout the day to minimize the stress? How about pajama day? If nothing requires you to go outside the house, let the kids enjoy a pajama day with movies and games. Have school aged children? Let them dress themselves. Afraid of what their going to pick out? Worried about what the teachers will think? Let it go! Your child can indulge in their creative side and you get a few minutes back for yourself. Hey, your little one may even request more of these adventurous days. So what if they choose the rain boots with the superman cape. Let them give their imagination a whirl, (in guidelines of school dress code of course).

Copyright 2018 Messy Mama

Tiny tikes are snuggling on the couch in their pajamas, school tykes are over excited about wearing pirate patches to school and you got to enjoy a hot cup of coffee this morning. It’s a triple win! You let go of the need to control, you tossed out todays schedule and now you are taking a moment to breath. Way to go!

In my recovery, I am learning to let go of my need to get things done. I am minimizing my day to reduce stress and reducing the clutter. When I feel overwhelmed, I am stepping back and taking a break. Writing is my passion, but sometimes I feel like I cannot keep up with my own deadlines. Yes, most of you don’t have that luxury, and some things need to get done. That is why I am suggesting the bare minimum. Focus on what needs to get done and shrug of the rest. I understand that ignoring some of these things can turn on the nagging voices in our heads. “You’re going to get behind, this floor needs to be swept, I could be using this time to organize, I should get ahead on that project.” Ignore the chatter and focus on your babies.

Looking at pre-baby pictures of myself, I am determined to get back in shape. Yet, when the day gets over packed, I do my best to leave the guilt for another day. I take more time to play with my baby, catch up on my favorite shows, and even indulge in a glass of wine. I give my body a break and I jump back on the bandwagon more refreshed and energized.


The dishes pile up and the dust gathers. I skip a day of chores and I am pulling double duty the rest of the week. Yet, to have a day to relax, it is so worth it. The to do list can wait.

We don’t have to feel guilty about needing a break. It’s important and it’ how we recharge. Realistically, we can’t sit around and day drink as we binge watch Netflix, but we can minimize and declutter. When we start to feel overwhelmed, we need to re-evaluate and take a moment to slow down as much as we can. We are constantly on the go and always trying to catch up. That’s the reality of it. The laundry gets done and then the next day it’s piled up again. This is life. So, don’t feel guilty for letting the world roll on with out you for a day or two. You have your whole life to catch up.

Today, I move on to the next piece of my recovery journey; rebuilding myself, both physically and mentally, at my own pace. I still experience pain and discomfort and I will adjust my health plan accordingly. I will rip up the expectations of who I think I need to be and set new goals to become the new person I want to be. I will take my mental health seriously and indulge in practices that will improve my mental wellness. Join me Moms and Dads, in my Postpartum Recovery Series as I build a happier and healthier me. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

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