Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery Challenge; Small Choices Lead to Big Changes

This post is part of the Postpartum Recovery Link-Up. Join me and get inspired to discover your greatest self, both physically and mentally, during parenthood. What were/are your biggest struggles, your greatest defeats and how are you inspiring the children you raise by improving your health and wellness. Come get healthy with me by linking up your Postpartum (both moms and dads) Recovery health and wellness stories. For more information, check out the details at the bottom of the post.

Growing up, I had a piece of paper taped to the inside of my bedroom door. It read, “The choices you make in life, make you.” I had hung the quote up to be a constant reminder that I controlled the direction of my life and that started with each choice I made. Fast forward to today, that was probably the best advice I had ever received. I built my life from a series of choices that I made each day. I made a few mistakes along the way, but for the most part, I did my best to pick the better choices. These same choices, however, apply to how I treat and care for myself. A simple choice, such as making positive decisions for my health and wellness, can make all the difference. Choosing to want to take care of myself, both physically and mentally, starts with a small, consistent change. That change begins with what I choose to put into my body. Something as small as drinking water can lead to more positive choices like eating healthier, having more energy to exercise, and setting better examples for the little people that are watching us. As a parent, we model the type of behavior we want our kids to follow.

Something as simple as drinking more water can lead to greater changes along my road to recover. For starters, I have made it a goal to drink from 48 to 64 oz of water per day. A simple decision that has led me to be full longer, eat smaller meals, and snack less. Since I have been staying hydrated, I have had no urges to pick up a sugary or carbonated drink and I have lost almost 5 pounds without exercise; a huge milestone for me considering that I had been sitting at my post baby weight for the last six months.img_5184

Yes, it’s just water, but something as simple as taking a small step in the right direction for my health will hopefully put into place a trend of future examples I hope to set for my daughter. A message that what we put into our bodies is important and good choices, regardless of how small, can lead to big changes. Today, it’s the small choice of drinking water and maybe tomorrow it will be conscious decisions to eat better and be healthier. Being good to my body can improve my mental wellness as well.

As small as it seems, however, drinking more water can induce big changes. Here is a list of benefits from drinking more water:

Hydrated Skin
Your skin can change dramatically after having a baby. From pregnancy hormones to not being able to find time to properly care for your skin. A cheap and easy way to improve your skin is with hydration. Drinking more water helps improve the elasticity in your skin, helping your skin look younger and healthier. Water also pushed toxins through your skin and reduces oil making it look clearer and less blemished. Hydrated skin can also reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Reduces swelling
During and after pregnancy, many moms deal with the dreaded swelling of hands, legs, and feet. Oddly enough, swelling or water retention, is a sign of dehydration and drinking more water can reduce swelling in the hands and feet. Water can also flush salt from your system which is another cause for water retention.


Reduces fatigue
Parents are all too familiar with the feeling of pure exhaustion. If you are surviving off multiple cups of coffee, try drinking more water. Water will boost your energy levels through your cells and reduces fatigue. Your energy will increase, and you won’t have the crash feeling like you would with caffeine or sugar.

Weight Loss
Are you stuck with the dreaded baby weight? Can’t find time to exercise with the kids? Drinking more water can help you lose weight. When you are hydrated, your metabolism increases allowing your food to be digested faster.

Joint Health
After pregnancy, moms may experience joint pain. For both parents, carrying around a baby can do a number on your joints. Staying hydrated can keep muscle and joints hydrated easing the pain and tension.

Improve mood and sleep
As parents, we can get tired and cranky real fast. Drinking more water and staying hydrated regenerates serotonin and melatonin in the brain, this helps to improve your mood and your sleep.

For more benefits on drinking water, please visit Simpley Health – 20 Benefits of Drinking Water.

What small changes have you made to improve your health and wellness? What are healthy examples you wish to set for your children?

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Today, I move on to the next piece of my recovery journey; rebuilding myself physically at my own pace. I still experience pain and discomfort and I will adjust my health plan accordingly. I will rip up the expectations of who I think I need to be and set new goals to become the new person I want to be. I will take my mental health seriously and indulge in practices that will improve my mental wellness. Join me Mom and Dad, in my Postpartum Recovery Series as I build a happier and healthier me. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

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Thank you to all who participate, and I am excited to see everyone’s unique health and wellness journey.

I’m also taking part in the Wellbeing Wonders linky with Becca from Beccas Blogs It Out and Emma from Sunshine and Rain.


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