Postpartum Recovery

Postpartum Recovery Challenge; A Fresh Start

This post is part of the Postpartum Recovery Link-Up. Join me and get inspired to discover your greatest self, both physically and mentally, during parenthood. What were/are your biggest struggles, your greatest defeats and how are you inspiring the children you raise by improving your health and wellness. Come get healthy with me by linking up your Postpartum (both moms and dads) Recovery health and wellness stories. For more information, check out the details at the bottom of the post.

As my baby’s first tooth begins to poke through the pink of her innocent little gums, I am reminded of how fast time is passing. It has been six months since my little one was born, and I am already missing her newborn days. Moments have sped by, but my healing process has been slow. Time ticks away at every milestone my baby reaches, and I desperately grasp on to the minute hand to slow down the moments. At the same time, I am spinning the hour hand in hopes that my body will heal, and I can return to the woman I once was. I’m conflicted as I continue to travel through my postpartum journey.

Six months since giving birth and I am ready to move past my body issues. I am learning to accept the changes my body has undergone, and I am embracing the scars and marks left behind from the beautiful being that now lives outside my womb. Slowly, she is discovering her independence and growing into the person she wants to be. It’s time for her mama to do the same.


I struggled with a complicated pregnancy and fought through a difficult delivery. I was eager to move past my physical and emotional tribulations and I wanted to resurrect the girl I once was. I wanted my old mentality of grit and perseverance and I wanted my old body to go along with it. I struggled for three months post birth to put myself back together again. I read all the articles about how and when to begin postpartum recovery as if I was a machine, processed through an assembly line. As if I was a kitchen appliance at a hardware store, lined up with identical models, all put together with the same manual.

I am an individual, with her own unique story and her own unique body. After five long months of trying to fit myself back into an old life, I have given up. I have given up the idea that I could ever be the woman I was before. She was not a mother, she did not venture through the journey that I have, and she did not experience my battles. I am a different person who is still healing.

This past month I stopped forcing my expectations to bounce back and I gave into acceptance. I’m accepting my mind and body is different than it used to be, and I am learning to tailor my health to that. Healing, both physically and mentally, doesn’t happen overnight, and it is different for everybody. I don’t have to force myself to be stronger or faster, I can take the time I need t get there. My body was involved in an astounding miracle and has since transformed. Mentally, I am not the same person I was years ago. I am learning to take my mental health seriously and I am stronger because of it.


Today, I move on to the next piece of my recovery journey; rebuilding myself physically at my own pace. I still experience pain and discomfort and I will adjust my health plan accordingly. I will rip up the expectations of who I think I need to be and set new goals to become the new person I want to be. I will take my mental health seriously and indulge in practices that will improve my mental wellness. Join me Mom and Dad, in my Postpartum Recovery Series as I build a happier and healthier me. I hope I can inspire you to do the same.

If you would like to be a part of the Postpartum Recovery Link-Up here’s what you can do:

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2.) Talk about anything regarding your postpartum struggles (dad’s you can get in on this too) or your health after becoming a parent and the journey you are experiencing in improving both physically and mentally. You can also discuss things like how your mental health affects you as a parent, how your modeling great eating habits for your kids, how exercising has given you more energy to keep up with your toddlers, etc.
3.) Copy and post this statement at the end of your post, “I am participating in the weekly health and wellness challenge, Postpartum Recovery Callenge Link-Up hosted by Messy Mama
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The link up will open on Wednesday morning and close Sunday night

Thank you to all who participate and I am excited to see everyone’s unique health and wellness journey.

I’m also taking part in the Wellbeing Wonders linky with Becca from Beccas Blogs It Out and Emma from Sunshine and Rain.


  1. It sounds like you have the right mindset. Our bodies will never be the same as before kids and as soon as we accept that we can start becoming a different but better version of ourselves #wellbeingwonders


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