She Likes the Sound of Rain, and Her Music Up Loud

A steady distraction that puts a baby into a calm trance and allows her to slip off into a peaceful slumber.

My little one’s personality began to blossom when she was just two months old. She does typical baby things, like babble, slam her toys against things, and whine for everything I put my hands on, but her relentlessness is a trait that shines through and through. She knows exactly what she likes and how she likes it and if you do not meet her demands, she is not afraid to speak up. That’s my girl!

Copyright 2018 Messy Mama

As much as I love my girls already strong-willed personality, I know I am in big trouble as she grows, and I am not going to lie, it cracks into my own tough core. I’ve heard that tough women raise tough girls, but this girl breaks me down like you would not believe. Who knew a 6-month-old little girl could make a grown woman cry? I’m getting better at holding my ground, but when little darling reaches maximum crankiness, it’s all hands-on deck.

This past week has been rough for her dad and me. She hasn’t been sleeping well which means we are not either. It normally takes Choreographed Sleeping Rituals to get her to sleep during these times, but lately none of the usual soothing techniques have been working. We just transitioned her to the crib and she had been sleeping well for a while, but it appears that our girls’ preferences are evolving once again.

Copyright 2018 Messy Mama

One thing I have noticed is that she sleeps great during rainy days. Maybe it’s the sound of the rain against her window, or the darkened sky that puts her at ease, but this never fails. She naps like a princess and the quiet moments help clear my head so that I can get some writing in. It’s the perfect set up for both of us. Rainy days have always been my favorite and apparently, I have passed that on.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t rain everyday, but if I draw all the blinds, make it dark and play rain sounds, this works too.

I have recently discovered that she falls asleep faster when the music is up loud. I am not talking about ear damaging decibels, pounding out of the speakers, but the type of volume that covers the sound of everything else around you. It’s loud enough to drown out the excessive noise and it chases away your thoughts. A steady distraction that puts a baby into a calm trance and allows her to slip off into a peaceful slumber.

Copyright 2018 Messy Mama

So, today the rain beats against the window and the music plays on. A perfect day to catch up on sleep and lost sanity.


  1. Oh my god – I think the discovery of the sound machine, with the ‘rain’ setting on, and black out shades were the best investment we ever made! Its always nighttime and raining in Asher’s room when we put him to sleep <3. Used to work SO well, up until 2 years old (aka now). Now he's just a sleep depriving demon, so we're trying to adjust and figure out what works next haha.


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