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Dads Are Not The Photographer Types

Too many times I have declared that I look terrible or the picture was not great. I do believe that dads have been psychologically instructed to not take the picture.

Today, while I was having a beautiful moment with my daughter, I looked up to see my husband standing with his phone in a perfect position to take a memorable shot. Instead, he was scrolling, not focusing on the moment in front of him. This made me upset and I was immediately reminded of all the opportunities that had been missed because my husband did not think to take a picture.

Too many of my pictures with my baby are either selfies or requests to my husband. There have been multiple times in our relationship when my husband was overtaken by the urge to catch a random shot without being asked or prodded. Pictures that captured a moment in time that wasn’t thought out or planned; some of these turned into my favorite pictures.


My husband is not completely at fault here. Too many times I have declared that I look terrible or the picture was not great. I do believe that dads have been psychologically instructed to not take the picture. They are told that the shot is awful, or perhaps criticized for capturing a double chin or a baby pouch. Maybe the angle wasn’t right, or the lighting was terrible. I understand that this is enough to cause any dad to overlook a perfect candid moment. But as a woman who has gagged at a few of her own husbands attempts at in home photography, I say take the picture anyway. Why? Because one day you will capture a moment that means so much more than just what it appears to be on the outside.

For me, that moment was me rocking my precious baby to sleep. So many emotions and words can not describe the love that I have for my child and my heart over flows when I hold my sleeping sweetheart. You can’t capture a feeling, but you can capture a moment that reminds you of that feeling. Moments pass into memories and that is all you have left of a family outing, a growing baby, a loving pet, or an aging family member. You can’t get those moments back, you can’t revisit people after they are gone, and you can’t rewind time. A photograph is the closest we will ever get to a time machine. At least in our life time.


So, Dad, please take the picture. No matter how many times your wife complains. Even if she tells you to delete it because when that moment passes by, we’re going to wish we captured it, regardless of how “awful” we may have looked in it.


Since posting this, it has come to my attention that a great article by Cyndy Gatewood was published last year with the same title. Not wanting to infringe on this writer, I have changed my title.  Check out her piece on the same idea of Dad’s not taking pictures, Dear Dads: Take the Picture.




  1. I am so guilty of this. You are so right though, we make it harder for them when every time they take the picture we complain they didn’t capture the candid moment right. My husband has gotten a little better at this though and he now just takes it and sometimes even shares it on social media before I can even see it. Ha ha! it’s a good thing though and honestly, the double chin I used to have at 30 was so much more desirable than my current 37 year old chin, it’s all perspective and it truly is just silly. Loved this post!

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